Neurodiverse Couple Therapy

Neurodiverse Couple Therapy

The neurodiverse couple is a newer term to the counseling field. The neurotypical person may be another term that’s not in your vocabulary.

A neurotypical person is someone who thinks, acts and perceives in a manner typical for the general population. From a clinical standpoint, the opposite reflects a person with a variation in their neurological process such as those with the former diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome or on the Autism Spectrum. In a neurodiverse couple, a partner possesses one of these variations.

Intimate relationships can be hard, but they are especially challenging when partners have different perspectives, communication techniques, approaches, and skill sets.

I have experience with neurodiverse couples and am pursuing specialized training in this area. Please contact me to learn more about this counseling specialty.

Future Group

Married to a Man on the Autism Spectrum. Living in a marriage with a husband diagnosed with Asperger’s (NT-Aspie marriage), high functioning autism or broader autism phenotype can be challenging. Together with other neurotypical (NT) wives, you will receive support and education for managing your unique circumstance. In addition, you will learn about Acceptance and Committment Therapy. The group is currently being developed.

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